Our space is more than a simple coworking, we want to enhance the possibilities that this form of collaborative work can offer users, so we also offer:

  • Workshops and seminars: Specific training content for entrepreneurs and freelancers, such as management of time, mindfulness, etc. All aimed to give tools that increase productivity and achieve professional objectives. 

  • Service of residence tax of your activity: Our office can be your domicile tax where receiving your correspondence and have your own address of contact to receive notifications.
  • Business advice service: We provide information on procedures and formalities for establishing your business in Ireland. Tips practical for the home of activity with regard to those procedures bureaucratic not is a problem.
  • Networking: The main advantage of working in offices shared on the possibility of sharing knowledge, information and ideas, but above all to have the feeling of fellowship and mutual support that flows only in these spaces and the feeling of shared illusions even in different projects is a motivating factor that is not always present in large companies.