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Professional development is one of the most rewarding experiences of life

Helpingjob power the talent of each candidate so you can effectively achieve your career goal.

How we work?

Based in Dublin from 2014, we are a company with a large experience in offer support to jobseekers and migrants with Ireland as a professional job destiny. During this time we provide resources and professional support to our customers with personal assistance as coaching services, tips, advice and career counselling. Moreover, we also have developed training courses for groups of jobseekers in our premises for two years co-financed by the Spanish Government. More than 450 Spanish jobseekers participated in these training courses with a high level of satisfaction.

Finally, we also gave support to Spanish Entrepreneurs that came to Ireland to know how works the entrepreneurial environment in this country.

Helps others is one of the most rewarding experiences of life, this is our main objective during all this time. Helpingjob power the talent of each candidate so you can effectively achieve your career goal and access to the labour market abroad. Our multidisciplinary team shares common principles to offer personalized services and increase job success. We can assist our customers before coming to Ireland and also when they arrive here. Now, it is necessary to get good support, the current situation due to the COVID, is a new challenge for all. Rules, restrictions, test, vaccine, and all related to the pandemic situation is a new issue for people who wants go abroad to find a job or improve their professional career.

We want to share our mission, vision and values with you.



Provide tools and resources that can help the candidate to be successful in finding employment in Ireland in particular, and others countries.



A provider of information and resources for actively seeking employment in a highly competitive and changing international environment.



Commitment and professionalism, respect and empathy and teamwork are our principles values.

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Helpingjob effectively empowers the talent of each candidate so that they can achieve their professional goal.

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